Hot Pink Cheeky Shorts
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Hot Pink Cheeky Shorts

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Feeling slightly daring? Our Cheeky Shorts are guaranteed to make you feel flirty and sexy! The waist and...

Feeling slightly daring? Our Cheeky Shorts are guaranteed to make you feel flirty and sexy! The waist and leg bands are fitted with a slim ribbon of elastic to maintain the stretch of the fabric and at the same time prevent the fabric from digging into your skin. Although cheeky, we still want to avoid flashing those lady bits, so we've managed to find a perfect balance of crotch coverage and bum exposure for these shorts! Now you can show the world your wild side and yet feel confident and secure at the same time!

As always, all our shorts feature scrunch bum to flatter and enhance your derriere! The fabric is a Polyester/Spandex blend and ensures maximum comfort on and off the pole. 

Available in five gorgeous colours!

Care Instructions: 

  • Machine/Hand Wash (Cold)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not soak for prolonged periods
  • Iron at Medium Setting
  • Wash dark colours separately

All measurements are derived when garment is laid flat. Allow an additional (estimated) 4-5" to cater for fabric stretch. Fabric will stretch even more as you put on the garments, and because of that it is impossible to get an accurate measurement for the maximum stretch of the fabric. All measurements are in inches.

FLIRT Range - Stellar Top

Top Size

Band (All Around)

Cup (Across)**

Cup (Height)**

 Estimated Bra Cup Size*
XXS 24" 6" 6" A
XS 25" 6 3/4" 6 3/8" A-B
S 26 7" 6.5" B-C
M 27" 7 1/4" 6 3/4" C-D
L 28" 7.5" 7 1/8" D or above

*This is just a gauge, and will vary according to your body type and the shape of your boobs.
** Cup measurements include the black trim

FLIRT RANGE - Amazonia Top
The structure of the Amazonia Top does not take into consideration cup size.

Top Size  Band (All Around) Cup (Across)** Cup(Height)**
XS (UK 6-8) 25 6 1/4" 5.5"
S (UK 8-10) 26 6.5" 6"
M (UK 10-12) 27 7" 7 1/4"
L (UK 12-14) 28 7 1/8" 6 3/4"

** Cup measurements include the black trim

Non-Flirt Tops:

Top Size Bust (Lay Flat) Bra Band (Lay Flat) Length (Lay Flat, Bust to Band)
XS (UK6-8) 25" 24" 6 and 1/2"
S (UK8-10) 26" 25" 6 and 3/4"
M (UK10-12) 27" 26" 7"
L (UK12-14) 28"  27" 7 and 1/4"

Basic Shorts:

Size Hip Measurements (Unstretched to Max Stretch)
XS (UK6-8) 26.5" to 34"
S (UK8-10) 27" to 35"
M (UK10-12) 27.5" to 36"
L (UK12-14) 28" to 38"

Amazonia Shorts/Stellar Shorts/Cheeky Shorts:

Shorts Size Hip Measurements (Unstretched to Max Stretch)
XS (UK6-8) 25.5" to 30.5"
S (UK8-10) 26" to 31"
M (UK10-12) 26.5" to 31.5"
L (UK12-14) 27" to 32"

High-Waist Shorts:

Shorts Size Waist Measurements (Unstretched to Max Stretch) Length (Waistband to Crotch, Lay Flat)
XS (UK6-8) 24" to 31" 10.5"
S (UK8-10) 25" to 32" 11"
M (UK10-12) 26" to 33" 11.5"
L (UK12-14) 27" to 34" 12"
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